Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder

Bushnell has been the market leader in laser rangefinders for a while. They have been at the forefront of innovation with all of their Distance Measuring Devices. Bushnell’s latest device, Bushnell Hybrid, continues this innovation trend by combining the newest laser and GPS technologies in one device. Bushnell’s goal was to combine the accuracy of a laser with the big-picture information provided by a GPS. The Bushnell Hybrid tries to give players at every level all the information they need or want on the course.

Why is Bushnell calling this device “Hybrid”? The Hybrid brings a precise laser and GPS yardages at the same time! This gives the golfer the flexibility to pick the yardage they want to use in any situation. The most golfers favor a laser because they want to get the most accurate yardages, but it is also good to have a GPS for those blind shots and having distances up to hazards. Therefore, this could be perfect for anyone that likes this flexibility.

The Hybrid’s laser function acts as a normal laser that you already have in your bag. It gives accurate distances to the pin, front and back of the green and/or hazards. But what makes this rangefinder different is the GPS display on the side of the device that clearly states yardages to the front, middle and back of the green. This helps you when you are faced with a blind shot or just want quicker more general information.

A cool feature of the Bushnell Hybrid is its Dual Power Technology, developed to support the power required by the combination of GPS and laser technology in the same device. Dual Power Tech allows the golfer to use the laser even if the GPS is not charged and vice versa.  There is a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery that powers the GPS and a CR2 battery that powers the laser part of the device. This isn’t the only convenient feature that is on this device though.

Are you always wondering how far you hit the ball? Another awesome feature that the Bushnell Hybrid has is shot measurement. Simply tap the ‘Golf’ button after hitting your tee shot then walk to your ball and it will give you the distance you hit the ball. This is a lot easier than guessing or stepping out each yard. As other lasers that Bushnell has, the hybrid features Pinseeker with Jolt Technology, providing short, vibrating bursts to isolate targets and lock in the flag. This is how you know with absolute certainty the laser is focused on the pin and you are getting the accurate yardage.

Just like any Bushnell GPS device, it comes with an app for your smartphone to get even more out of your GPS. The Bushnell golf app is packed with many helpful features and it will make the rangefinder process more immersive and helpful on the course. When you purchase your Hybrid you can download the Bushnell Golf app, available in iOS and Android. Inside this app, you will find layouts, including distance and 3D course flyovers with distance overlays. This will give you a view of the course even when you are not on the course. This is a great way to look at the course before committing to a round with your buddies. If this isn’t enough for you to try the app you have the ability in the app to schedule tee times for 7,000 participating courses, input your score history, SwingPro, and a pedometer and fitness modes to help track and train your way to a better golf game. There are many golf courses that are already preloaded. The device comes preloaded with over 36,000 golf courses in more than 30 countries. You can play just about anywhere in the world and this GPS will have you covered. 

In conclusion, the Bushnell Hybrid is very simple to use and doesn’t take long to get used to. You get the familiar functionality of a standard rangefinder with the advanced technology of a GPS. Not only does the device give you the distance to the pin; it gives you yardages to the front middle and back of the green along with Hazards! It even comes with access to the Bushnell app, which includes hole layouts, 3D flyover graphics for every golf course! With a reasonable price of $399.99, we think it’s a steal!

PING i210 Irons

If you have looked at the new i500 irons and loved them but you are looking for a feel and control you can’t beat in your irons? You may want to try the new i210 irons!  These new i210 irons are similar to i500 but are years apart when it comes to ball speed, backspin and carry/distance.

Although PING says that the playability is pretty much level between the i210 and i500, the i210 are designed for better players who place an importance on feel, precision, and control in their irons, but who also want the forgiveness of a cavity-back. The i210’s have all the good things about the i200’s and made them better than ever.



The i210 are cast from 431 stainless steel. Its face, grooves and the back cavity behind the hitting area have been machine milled to guarantee they are created to the highest possible tolerance. The precision machining makes the face perfectly flat for distance precision hitting. This stainless steel gives the club the buttery feel and precision that is needed for lower scoring rounds. The grooves in the PW and UW are milled closer together and shave a sharper top-edge radius than the other clubs to add friction. With 1 or 2 more grooves contacting the ball, it improves spin and distance the top-edge is incredible through the turf, providing precision distance with workability and shot-making consistency for competition-focused players.




The i200 irons and the i210 irons have a dampening material that improves the feel while also returning more energy to the ball active elastomer inserts behind the face.  The i210 has a larger insert that is 30% bigger and 50% softer than that of the i200. This makes you have 25% more face contact, ensuring a much softer, muted and assured feel while returning even more energy to the ball.

Another improved technology is the HyrdoPearl 2.0 Chrome finish. This finish ensures that the club repels water to greatly improve consistency from the rough and wet grass. This finish is also more scratch and wear resistant than before. 

Like the i500 the i210 irons are offering a lower lofted power spec as well as a “retro spec”. A retro spec is where they relax the loft for a golfer that wants to focus less on distance or who want to hit the ball higher. This is an excellent feature compare to the i200.


Loft specs:

                        Standard                     Power              Retro

3-IRON            19°                              19°                   21.0°

4-IRON            22.5°                           22°                   24.5°

5-IRON            26°                              25°                   28.0°

6-IRON            29.5°                           28°                   31.5°

7-IRON            33°                              31.5°                35.0°

8-IRON            37°                              35.5°                39.0°

9-IRON            41°                              40°                   43.0°

PW                  45°                              44.5°                47.0°

UW                  50°                              49.5°                52.0°

Stock steel shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold 120

Stock graphite shaft: PING Alta CB


After hitting the i210, we can see that the i210 are made for precision and feel. They are very consistent and have more forgiveness than you can imagine. We had one of our custom fitters compare the i200 and the i210. We put the same KBS tour Stiff shaft in each of the heads and had him a few balls. “The i210 feel a lot better, you can tell that they are more precise and have more forgiveness than the i200.” our custom fitter says. For his game, he liked the i210’s better and the numbers showed that as well. 


                     i200 7 iron                                      i210 7 iron

Achieve more distance with long irons and their compact size provides more control with mid and short irons. These irons are now available in all locations now and available to demo! The graphite shafts are $137.50 per club and the steel shafts are $125 per club.

Garmin Approach Z80


What do you think of when I say Garmin? You may think of navigation, directions, a device in a car, GPS, but maybe not golf laser rangefinder. Garmin’s navigation system has been topping the market the last several years, but this year they are putting themselves into a new category, golf rangefinders. The new Approach Z80 isn’t just any laser rangefinder, Garmin has combined what they do best with the laser, GPS.  

Garmin isn’t new to the golf business. They are market leaders in sports wearable devices such as Garmin Approach S60 GPS golf watch, which uses GPS to provide distances from any point on the course to wherever you want your ball to finish. Garmin has taken a laser rangefinder to a whole new level. With the Approach Z80, there is a virtual course map with live GPS distances is overlaid onto the left side of the Z80 viewfinder, seamlessly integrated with the laser distance targeting function.


What You’ll See Through Z80’s Viewfinder

The Garmin Approach Z80 is something that is very different from anything we’ve seen. When you first look inside of the Garmin, you are alarmed. There are so many new features that will capture your attention. What is all this stuff that you are looking at? We are here to help explain everything.

When you turn on your Garmin Approach Z80 a full-color virtual map of the hole you are currently playing is displayed on the left edge of the Z80’s crisp and clear OLED screen. GPS distances to significant features such as the green or hazards such as bunkers and water are displayed on the hole, while a more detailed view of the green shape, as well as yardages to the front and back of the green, is shown when the Z80 Green View feature is activated.

The Garmin Approach Z80 also has an image stabilization feature that reduces shakiness and assists the autonomous flag finder function, which actively detects pins and calculates precise distances to hole when the range button is pressed. Once the pin or target is locked, a smart new feature called Laser Range Arc renders virtual arc on the course map to indicate the areas and hazards in play at the current ranged distance. The feature is also used in Green view mode to determine whether the hole is cut in the front back or the middle of the green.


It has a six-times magnification zoom that enables golfers to clearly identify the target they are seeking. Together with the map overlays, golfers can see where the pin is located even for blind shots through the Z80’s pinpointer feature. Laser Accuracy within 10 inches of any target.

The Garmin Approach Z80 has a “play like” mode that takes into account elevation. The “play like” mode can be toggled on and off so the Z80 conforms for tournament use. There are over 41,000 preloaded courses onto the Z80 and course updates are also free to download. (17,735 courses in the United States) View Garmin Course Library

“This will be the new generation of rangefinders” one of our certified custom fitters explained to a customer. This is the new technology the golf industry has been waiting for. The Garmin Approach is available in all locations at a price of $599. Stop by and try it out for yourself!




Scotty Cameron Concept X


Scotty Cameron by Titleist has introduced a new premium offering! Scotty has created not one, but two experimental putters titled Concept X, CX-01, and CX-02. These putters are produced in limited quantities for players seeking the top level of putter performance. These putters are in an era where prototype putters are offered to selective players. As you can tell in the pictures, these models blend the visual characteristics of the Newport 2 and a mallet style putter. If you want the top-level putter performance, you don’t want to miss these gems!  

The Concept X putters pushed the boundaries with new configurations that are very noticeable. The CX-01 has the tour-proven “nuckle neck” with one shaft of offset, while the CX-02 has a new low slant “joint neck” that promotes additional toe flow. To add on top of that, there is a new ‘Dual-Zone’ vibration dampening system for enhanced sound and feel with an anti-glare stealth gray finish.


The Concept X has two wings that move more weight away from the face and places it on the perimeter and toe to increase stability on off-center putts. Because the weight is out towards the back and perimeter of the head, the wings raise the MOI of the putter to increase stability and forgiveness  These wings melt seemingly into the ground and address that added cohesion and forgiveness. To make this putter a lot more appealing, the weights are customizable and removable to enhance balance while increasing the face’s sweet spot.

These putters have the forgiveness of a mallet. With the use of a lightweight face insert and a multi-material design that combines a lighter milled aluminum soleplate and a heavier stainless steel on the perimeter, it will produce a high MOI. Scotty’s multi-material methodology of mixing 6061 aircraft grade aluminum components with stainless steel is employed, as is his new four-way sole balancing technology first introduced on the 2018 Select line for perfect balance, setup and alignment at address.


The new Concept X putters are made for players who want to be on the cutting edge of Scotty’s design thoughts, experimentations, and boundary-pushing putter design. These putters are available in our stores very soon! More details on availability will be posted on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

For more information go to https://www.scottycameron.com/concept-x/


PING i500 Irons


How is PING going to top the g700 with the i500? We are here to tell you! PING has come out with a fantastic new summer line which includes the i500 irons. We have all been very excited about this new iron and are eager to tell you all about it. These new irons have a lot of new technology with some of the same that you grew to love. Below is everything you need to know about these new irons!

The i500 and g700 have a lot of similar feature and similar looks. The i500 is significantly smaller than the g700 and looks a lot sleeker. This sleeker-shaped profile gives it the quality look that every player wants in their bag. When looking at the sole of the club the i500 is thinner and more appealing to the eye than the g700.

                     g700 Iron  

   i500 Iron

If you hit or purchased the g700 and liked the ball flight but didn’t love the feel of the irons, the i500 will be perfect for you. Like the g700, the i500 has the hollow body with the forged and C300 maraging steel face insert. PING says the goal is to bring more distance and the ball speed than that of their G series iron.

The i500 has a similar offset of an iBlade which will get the ball flight and speed that a player would want in a sleeker more forgiving iron. The face of the i500 catapults the ball into the air with an incredible launch angle, low spin, and an unbelievable ball speed. It consistently will have a 10% higher trajectory than the i210 or iBlade but with lower spin. This will make the increase the distance by one club, but it will be one club less in the loft. I500 is offering a lower lofted power spec as well as a “retro spec” that relaxes the loft for a golfer that wants to focus less on distance or who want to hit the ball higher. This is an excellent feature compare to the g700.

The i500 has the similar Hydro Pearl chrome finish, but it’s better. The Hydro Pearl finish “ensures smooth turf interaction and reduces fliers, provides scratch and wear resistance. The slight sheen offers a premium look” says PING Engineers. The HydroPearl chrome finish enhances the ability of an object to repel water. That means the irons are designed to reduce the effect of water between the golf and the golf club.

 Loft specs     Standard                    Power

3-IRON            18°                              17°

4-IRON            21°                              19.5°

5-IRON            24°                              22.5°

6-IRON            27°                              25.5°

7-IRON            30.5°                           29°

8-IRON            35°                              33.5°

9-IRON            40°                              38.5°

PW                  45°                              44°

UW                  50°                              49°

*For retro spec details contact your nearest custom fitter.

This New Summer Line form PING has some of the best technology on the market. You can now pre-order the i500 irons!  The irons are a full set (3-PW and UW) and sell at $162.50 for steel shafts and $175 for graphite shafts. The stock steel shaft will be the True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 (R300, S300). The Graphite shafts will be the UST Mamiya Recoil ES SMAC (760A, 780R, 780S). There will many aftermarket shafts that are available at no upcharge. The stock grip is the Golf Pride Tour Velvet. Come by to be fitted for a custom set today and get the distance you have been waiting for!

Odyssey Red Ball Putter

Introducing the Odyssey Red Ball putter! We have been patiently awaiting this new design from Odyssey. The engineers at Odyssey have built the Red Ball to specifically address and improve on two things: proper setup and proper alignment.

There is a large group of players that don’t know the exact position to stand and align themselves over the putt. This creates a sense of not ever knowing if the putter is really aiming where we think it is. That is where this technology comes in to play. The key to the Red Ball design is to help with this problem that people have of failing to have the proper alignment and setup. The design is an actual red ball, which is placed under a “scope” built into the top of the clubhead. Once you are setup correctly with the red ball inside of the “scope” you’ll know the loft and the face angle of the club are consistent every time. This design forces you to set your eyes up directly over the ball which will produce a precise putt each time. Once you have aligned the “Red Ball” in the center of the alignment device, you know you’ve got the putter squared and ready to go!

In addition to its superior alignment, it has more forgiveness from the design shape of the head. It is able to concentrate the weight well around the outside of the putter, driving up the MOI significantly. This gives us an ability to control off-center shots! Pair all of these technologies with the feel we have all come to know and love from Odyssey, we have a winner. We tested it in the shop and after only a few rolls, we noticed how significantly easier it was to line up and get the ball off to the right start. With all the technology and the legendary sound, feel and roll with the White Hot RX insert, you have every you need to become a more consistent putter. Enjoy the new Odyssey Red Ball Putter, I know we have! Come in and try one at any one of our convenient locations very soon!

The Odyssey Red Ball will be available to demo in all locations Monday, July 16th and available to buy on Friday, July 20th. At a price of only $199.99, it is a putter you don’t want to miss!


Bushnell Phantom GPS


    The Bushnell Phantom GPS Rangefinder is easy to use and very convenient on the golf course. It has many features for such a small device. These features include a bite magnetic mount, a large array of courses, a good battery life, automation and a cool app to make this Bushnell rangefinder exceptional! 


Bite Magnetic Mount

One of the features we were most excited about was the Phantoms bite magnetic mount. The mount allows you to easily attach the phantom to any metal surface. It is the first time there has ever been a magnetic mount on any rangefinder! Having this magnetic mount makes it so convenient and inconspicuous! To add, this magnetic mount has a clip that comes with the device to make it more versatile than it already is! The clip is a metal piece that allows you to magnetically pair to the rangefinder and clip it to about anything you want! It allows you to clip it to your belt, your golf bag or to anything that you desire.

Course Catalog

The Bushnell Phantom features detailed dimensions for 36,000 golf courses across 30 different countries. I honestly didn’t even know there were more than 36,000 golf courses! Though there are many more courses than that and Bushnell is constantly updating and adding to the Phantom. Also, if Bushnell misses a course or needs to update a course, you can help them by giving them the information on their website by submitting a request form. 

Battery Life

    With the Phantom, you can play up to 2 rounds before charging it again, which was surprising to me because you will be on it the whole round. The Phantom uses very little energy since it is a small device. After playing those two rounds it charges via USB charging cable and can be fully charged in about four hours. 


    For those of you wondering if you will have to manually change it to the next hole, you can begin to get excited because you don’t. The Phantom will automatically load the next hole when it detects that you are finished. If that doesn’t impress you, the Phantom will automatically load the course that you are playing based upon your location. Technology is amazing, isn’t it? 

Smartphone Integration

    Okay, Settle in. You may be mind blown after this. Bushnell golf app is packed with many helpful features and it will make the rangefinder process more immersive and helpful on the course. When you purchase your Phantom you can download the Bushnell Golf app, available in iOS and Android. Inside this app, you will find layouts, including distance and 3D course flyovers with distance overlays. This will give you a view of the course even when you are not on the course. This is a great way to look at the course before committing to a round with your buddies. If this isn’t enough for you to try the app you have the ability in the app to schedule tee times for 7,000 participating courses, input your score history, SwingPro, and a pedometer and fitness modes to help track and train your way to a better golf game. 













The Bushnell Phantom has more feature than one would think with being under $100. The retail price for this GPS is $99.99 and is available in four colors (Black, Blue, Green, and Red). It is a great value for all the features that it has. Why not give it a try?

TaylorMade M4 with Twist Face






TaylorMade’s M3 and M4 drivers launch on Friday, February 16th and may very well be the most anticipated new release of 2018. Why is that? Two Words: Twist Face. This radical new take on the curvature of a driver face is TaylorMade’s application of what they learned from modern launch monitors, which can measure a driver’s performance versus exact face impact location. Its the key feature of both the M3 and M4 drivers. Like the M1, the M3 has moveable weights on the sole that allow the player to alter the club’s center of gravity and launch tendencies. Like the M2, the M4 forgoes the moveable weights and instead opts for a more forgiving design. Here’s what TaylorMade has to say about both Twist Face and its new reinforced sole slot called Hammerhead:


A radical departure from traditional driver-face design, Twist Face is engineered to take you farther and straighter… right down the center of the fairway.

Twist Face presents a revolutionary new face curvature with a corrective face angle on off-center hits, engineered to reduce side spin and deliver straighter shots. By providing more loft in the high-toe and less loft in the low-heel, this groundbreaking technology produces more consistent side spin in the areas where golfers commonly mis-hit.


TaylorMade’s new Hammerhead slot creates a massive sweet spot that pushes the limit of ballspeed to produce distance and forgiveness across the entire face.

The reinforced outer portions of the slot allow for a lighter, more flexible face, while the center portion of the slot increases ballspeed on low-face strikes and drops spin for more distance. The result is a powerful and forgiving driver that delivers exceptional sound and feel.


The Test

We recently conducted a fitting for a M4 driver. Our customer had used an M2, however like many others he was intrigued by the performance claims of Twist Face. We put his M2 up against the new M4, each tested with his current Mitsubishi Tensei White shaft. Below are the results:

We instantly noticed the tighter dispersion of the M4. All mishits, but particularly toe hits seemed to work toward the centerline versus over correcting and ending up left. If you are trying to understand exactly what Twist Face does then you must first understand how shots struck on the heel or toe typically react. The tendency of toe hits to draw after starting right and heel hits to fade after starting left is known is known as “gear effect.” Shots struck off the center of the face cause the head to change its orientation which effects spin and therefore the curvature of your shot. Club manufacturers have for decades made the face of drivers convex to help the ball start on a line more conducive to the mostly unwanted curvature that occurs when a shot is struck on the heel or toe. Twist Face is a more enhanced shape which features a more open toe and a more closed heel versus the symmetrical convex face typically found on drivers. TaylorMade’s robot testing has shown improved accuracy of heel and toe shots. With all that said, a simpler way to think about TaylorMade’s Twist Face is that it should produce more accurate mishits for a majority of golfers. For our tester this was definitely the case. 

So we’re becoming believers in Twist Face’s ability to improve the accuracy of your mishits, but ultimately we know that most of our customers would list more distance not straighter drives as their number one objective when purchasing a new driver. When analyzing M4’s ability to hit the long ball we must first admit that 300 yard drives are not a rarity for our tester. In fact 300 yards is roughly his average drive. That being said, his consistency with the driver makes him an excellent subject when comparing the distance produced by last year’s M2 vs. the best TaylorMade can come up with in 2018. At first glance the M4 didn’t seem much of an improvement over the M2 in the distance department. Our tester experienced a average .5 mph slower ball speed with a club head speed that was on average a full 1 mph slower. However, the M4 consistently launched higher than m4 and did so while producing less back spin. A player’s distance with their driver requires the correct combination of ball speed, launch angle and spin rate. M4 was far superior in two of these categories for our tester leading to a 10 yard increase in carry distance and almost 6 yards overall. An extra 10 yards is more than we ever expected considering our player is using the exact same shaft in each of the driver heads. We were quite impressed and think you will be too.

M4’s Twist Face and HammerHead seem to live up to they hype. To try the year’s most anticipated driver please visit the Golf Exchange location nearest you. 

Callaway Rogue


How in the world do you follow up the epic year that the Callaway Epic driver had? That is the question that we have heard for several months now in anticipation for the new Rogue driver. Callaway Golf President and CEO Chip Brewer knew that would be something that he would have to answer. He challenged his design team to not only match the performance of Epic, but to flat out beat it. To say that we were excited and maybe… a little nervous… to test the Rogue would be an understatement.

The Technology:

Last year, Jailbreak stood out as the breakthrough technology of the year. This year, Callaway has improved this technology and loaded up the Rogue with some of its best stuff. Some of the highlights are:

New Jailbreak Effect:

Rogue employs improved Jailbreak Technology with new, hourglass-shaped titanium bars that are 25% lighter, while fulfilling their function to stiffen the crown and sole. The stiffer body allows the face to take on more impact-load to promote faster ball speed, and makes possible our new X-Face VFT face architecture, which promotes fast ball speed across an expansive area of the face. Together, Jailbreak and X-Face VFT work together to create what we call the Jailbreak Effect, which promotes a remarkable boost in ball speed and distance.

Triaxial Carbon Crown:

Callaway is the leader at using carbon composite materials to enhance metalwood performance. Our proprietary triaxial carbon composite is extraordinarily light and strong, saving substantial weight. We’ve redistributed that weight into the head’s perimeter to significantly increase MOI and forgiveness, which helps preserve distance and direction on off-center hits. Rogue has the largest triaxial carbon crown of any Callaway driver ever.

Upgraded Boeing Aero Package:

Boeing and Callaway collaborated to develop the Speed Step technology used in past Callaway metalwoods. In Rogue, we worked with Boeing to redefine the geometry of the leading edge to improve airflow to promote faster head speed.

Weight Track Removal:

Arguably the most noticeable difference versus the Epic is the lack of a movable weight track. By removing this feature Callaway was able to relocate the weight previous dedicated to the track and movable weight. This change leads to a significantly more stable driver and less twisting at impact (greater MOI). What does this mean to you? The Rogue is significantly easier to hit than the Epic…and to be honest we thought the Epic was easy to hit too! But don’t worry about the ability to correct your ball flight, Callaway has made the Rogue in three versions: Sub Zero, Standard, and Draw. Each has a distinct ball flight that intended to enhance your performance regardless of your current tendencies.

The Test:

We invited an 11 handicap to put his beloved Epic driver up against the new Rogue. He has moderate to high club head speed and has a natural draw that quickly turns into a hook. We tested his 10.5 Epic with a Hzrdus Stiff shaft versus a 10.5 Rogue with the exact same shaft. To stay consistent we used a Callaway Chrome Soft X ball. Take a look at the results below:

The Results:

The design changes led us to expect a more forgiving driver and that proved to be true. We not only saw a much straighter ball flight, but we saw the smash factor moved up from 1.48 to 1.50. This number is a ratio of ball speed as compared to club head speed and an increase is a telltale sign of a more forgiving driver. 

What we didn’t expect was the gain in ball speed. The Epic was just such a leap forward in production of ball speed. As you might assume, ball speed is one of the primary factors in determining how long you will hit a driver. The increase in average ball speed for our tester was 1.4 MPH. Furthermore the increase from his fastest drive with Epic vs. his fastest with Rogue was 2 MPH. That may or may not sound like much to you, but 2 MPH faster than an already really, really, really fast driver? That’s fast. This produced as much as 12 yards more distance.  Also of note, our player increased his launch angle by 1.2 degrees while his spin reduced by nearly 100 RPM’s. In the past an increase in forgiveness almost never lead to a decrease in spin. Likewise, an increase in height typically meant more spin as well. With Rogue that simply isn’t the case. Mis-hits and middle-hits alike, the Rogue produces very consistent launch and spin. This means you should notice more consistent trajectory and distance. 


Callaway Rogue is available February 9, 2018 at all Golf Exchange locations.


A quick look at the Rogue Iron direct from Callaway Golf…

Infusing Soft Feel into Fast-faced Irons


Club designers have long been confronted with a particular “can’t-have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too” conundrum in regard to fast-faced, distance-enhancing irons. For the face to be fast it has to be thin, yet a thin face is prone to excessive vibration at impact, resulting in harsh sound and feel. You can quiet or minimize the vibration by positioning a soft material behind and in contact with the face, but that slows the face down, stealing distance.

“The qualities of really long distance and really great feel have never co-existed in an iron, in our opinion,” said Dr. Alan Hocknell, head of Callaway R&D. “We wanted to solve that problem with our new Rogue iron series.”

The iron development team embarked on a broad search for a compound that could e ectively quiet the face’s
vibration without interfering with the speed at which the face exes – if such a material existed. That led to the discovery of a specially formulated urethane material infused with thousands of miniscule “microspheres.” Developed by 3M, the microspheres atten under pressure, allowing the urethane to behave in a porous manner, allowing it to compress and “give” with relative ease. That quality allowed the material to both quiet unwanted vibration without slowing the face.

Finding a material with promise was the rst step. The next was determining how to shape it and position it within each iron’s head to provide maximum bene t. That led to a lot of experimentation and computer modeling.

“Finding the right material is part of the process. The other part was determining the precise shape that would most e ectively quiet vibration without intruding on the action of the face, or negatively a ecting performance in any other way,” said Hocknell.

The team arrived at a unique shape that’s long and slender and positioned within the head, covering the lower 1/5 (approximately) of the face on the inner side, and spanning the length of the face.




Becausethe urethane is lighter than the steel area it supplants, it had to be balanced with a piece of MIM’d tungsten in order to achieve the proper weight and CG location necessary to the iron’s performance goals. MIM stands for “metal-injected molding,” a process that allows us to form highly dense alloys into sophisticated shapes.

(MIM’ing is a process of creating an exceedingly dense and heavy part). Again, arriving at the size, shape, weight and position of the tungsten, in relation to the urethane, was of utmost important and took a great deal of time and testing.

“The result is that on the inside, the internal workings of our new Rogue irons is unlike anything we’ve ever o ered,” said Hocknell, “and what’s on the inside is what drives their unique combination of long distance and soft feel.”