Callaway TRUVIS

There is more to TRUVIS than what meets the eye when it comes to the awesome pattern on the golf ball. When Callaway TRUVIS golf balls were introduced, there were a lot of people – including us – who thought they would just be a fad and the next new trend would come along and replace it. This has not been the case when it comes to these golf balls. Everyone is loving this pattern and we are going to tell you why.  These balls have become a hugely if not most popular golf ball on the market and the most successful golf ball in Callaway history. But why? What is the Callaway TRUVIS golf balls and why do they help your game?

What does TRUVIS really do?

There are a lot of golfers that still call this ball a soccer ball but there is more to the soccer ball pattern than what you would expect. For those of you that are calling the ball a soccer ball, you are correct. Callaway mimicked the looks of a soccer ball for multiple reasons other than its different and looks awesome. The theory behind this is that this pattern is supposed to make the ball look bigger. The definition of TRUVIS is “giving a true vision of the movement of a golf ball by application of symmetrical patterns.” But to put simply, TRUVIS makes the ball look bigger, therefore, inspires more confidence at address. It is an optical illusion as the balls are the same size as any regular golf ball.  In golf, it is very important to have confidence in yourself and your swing. Callaway promotes that with this ball you will feel more confident over the ball and may play better because of it.

But there’s more!

That is not all TRUVIS does though. There are many other reasons to play with a TRUVIS golf ball. With the bright pentagon shapes, it is easier to see and find in the air or on the ground. With the bright sun or you simply just can’t see the ball once it leaves the clubface, this should help. Another feature is that it is easier to differentiate in your group. We can all agree that nothing is more annoying when you and your group member have the same unmarked ball and they end up side by side in the fairway. Now you are trying to look for specific nicks on the ball just to identify your ball. With TRUVIS, you may not have this problem.

After quite a bit of testing, Callaway noticed that these golf balls help with alignment as well. When you are on the green, the patterns of the ball tell you if you hit the ball solid by the pentagon lining up towards the hole.  This will help you see the spin of a ball as well. On the shorter chips and approaches, you can see how the ball reacts as it hits the green and on each subsequent bounce. You will visually see the pattern spinning backward and forwards.  They also noticed that the bright, bolder colors stood out a lot more than the original red and white.

The pattern is designed to maximize your view of the golf ball and because of this, it will give you better visibility when standing over the ball. The new Stars & Stripes patterns are now available along with the new Euro pattern at all locations! A dozen of the Chrome Soft Stars & Stripes & Euro is $44.99.

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