Mizuno JPX EZ Forged Irons Review



The new and improved JPX EZ Forged from Mizuno has many added benefits from the previous model.  Much of this improvement can be done due to the addition of Boron to the forging process.  Mizuno’s biggest achievement wasn’t just increasing ball speed and forgiveness with this iron, but managing to do this while still retaining the iconic feel associated with a Mizuno Grain Flow Forged iron.  The JPX EZ Forged irons deliver a thinner face for amazing distance, while allowing the weight savings to be distributed out to the four corners to amplify the Power Frame design resulting in maximum forgiveness.  

Tech Specs

  • Grain Flow Forged 1025 Boron.  30% stronger material for added distance while delivering soft, solid, consistent feel.
  • POWER FRAME™ Forgiveness.  Weight is strategically placed in the four corners of the cavity to maximize forgiveness.  
  • Triple Cut Sole.  A softly beveled leading edge and hard cut trailing edge allows the EZ Forged to enter and exit the turf for playability in all types of lies
  • Black Ni finish.  An anti-glare finish for a bold look that helps hide the size

Available in a 4-Gap Wedge for both right and left handed players.

NOTE: In addition to the added technology, Mizuno is now offering all of their custom shafts and grips at NO additional charge to the customer!

The Test

Our tester for this particular model is a 28 year old male with a 5 handicap who prefers a compact shape but doesn’t get time to practice and would like something with some built in forgiveness.  We tested the 2016 JPX EZ Forged against the previous Model JPX EZ Forged.  Both clubs were hit with a 6-iron with a KBS Tour stiff flex at standard length.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 7.52.41 PM

It wasn’t difficult at all to see a difference for our tester. As you can see by the dispersion view above, not only was the new JPX EZ Forged longer than its predecessor, it was significantly straighter.  On average our tester picked up 9 yards of carry distance on an increased average ball speed of 3 MPH. The most impressive part was his consistency. The added forgiveness of the helped turn his fade into a very straight powerful ball flight and brought his dispersion almost directly over the center line. With a player with this much distances, it is not always add yards he is looking for, it is consistent yards, luckily, with the 2016 JPX EZ Forged, he got them both.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 7.54.35 PM


The addition of Boron to the forging process has allowed the engineers at Mizuno to accomplish great things. It’s extremely high strength to weight ratio allowed them to take a great looking, great feeling iron we have all come to expect from Mizuno and add a fantastic punch of distance and forgiveness.  If you’re a traditionalist who likes the feel of a players iron but wants help on off center shots, this would be a perfect club for you.


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