TaylorMade M2 Family at the PGA Show


This week the Golf Exchange crew is attending the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida. The PGA Merchandise Show offers an in-depth look at 2016 product before it hits shelves later this spring. Our crew was fortunate enough to get our hands on TaylorMade’s new M2 line up and, needless to say, we walked away quite impressed by what we saw.


 M2 Driver

If you were a fan of TaylorMade’s popular M1 Driver, than the new M2 driver is sure to impress. Like the M1 driver before it, the M2 driver offers more distance than ever before and the science behind the design of this long bomber is even more impressive than the driver’s sleek, lightweight carbon crown.

Multi-Material Construction

The M2 Driver features a revolutionary multi-material construction highlighted by a proprietary 7-later carbon composite crown. This innovation is one of piece of the puzzle that helps unlock the M2 driver’s promise of more distance than ever before.

Massive Sweet Spot

In order to make the M2 driver both long and forgiving, it is build with technologies that protect ball speed and create a massive sweet spot.

Hot Trajectory

With the M2 driver, golfers do not have to choose between Low CG (forgiveness) and Aerodynamics (speed) as they have in the past. The carbon crown allowed TaylorMade to lower the CG without compromising aerodynamics to a driver that is both hot and forgiving.


M2 Fairway

TaylorMade’s new M2 Fairway features their most flexible speed pocket ever, coupled with low CG, a fast face, and a hot trajectory for maximized distance and forgiveness. TaylorMade has said that players seeking exceptional distance and playability from their fairway wood will find the new M2 fairway “to go farther and straighter than what they have in their bag today.” M2 Fairways will be available in five lofts – 15°, 16.5°, 18°, 21°, and 24°. 


M2 Rescue

The new M2 Rescue was designed with one goal in mind – maximize distance and forgiveness. With a confidence-inspiring shape and technologies to promote speed, distance and forgiveness; the M2 Rescue gives golfers longer and more consistent shots from anywhere on the course. And like the M2 driver and fairway wood, the M2 rescue has a large Speed Pocket in the sole that runs just behind the leading edge to increase ball speeds. The M2 Rescue will be available in four lofts – 19 °, 22 °, 25 °, and 28 °.

M2 Irons

According to TaylorMade the new M2 Irons are their “longest irons ever.” TaylorMade has even gone as far as to label them as a “distance machine” and boasts that their industry leading distance technology will not only take your ball farther, but will also allow you to hit the ball higher.

A quick look at the technology behind the design of the M2 irons reveals that TaylorMade has pulled out all the stops to deliver some truly unique sticks worthy of your attention this February. So lets take a look at what makes the new M2 Irons tick.

360 ° Undercut

 Combines with Thick-Thin Fluted Hostel for ultra-low CG, allowing for stronger lofts that maximize distance without sacrificing high peak trajectory.

Thick-Thin fluted Hosel

 Combines with 360 ° Undercut ultra-low CG, allowing for stronger lofts that maximize distance without sacrificing high peak trajectory.

Speed Pocket

Enables ball speeds that push the limits of distance performance in an iron.

Thin Face With Inverted Cone Technology

Enables ball speeds that push the limits of distance performance in an iron.

V-Shaped Support Beams

3D badge system that manages sound and eliminates unwanted vibrations for superior feel


As you can surmise the technology behind the M2 family sure appears to be an impressive step forward this season for TaylorMade. We’ll have a full review and breakdown of product testing results available on the GX Report later this spring.

The TaylorMade M2 family will be available in all Golf Exchange locations this February.

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