Titleist TS2 & TS3 Drivers

We have all been waiting for the release of the new Titleist TS2 and TS3 Drivers and Fairway woods. Well, the time is finally near! We have heard a lot about the new changes and what Titleist has been working on, but we are ready to see for ourselves! You may be wondering where the “TS” came from. It is an acronym that means “Titleist Speed”. Titleist got this name because they have released a design that has more ball speed than ever before, while also having a great sound and feel. 

The new Speed Chassis in the TS drivers is the result of a two-year process to reconstruct the design to produce greater speed in every detail. The TS drivers are made to produce higher launch angles and less spin than the 917 drivers. The Speed Chassis’ shape provides 20% reduction in drag for faster swing speed. In the TS driver, the Active Recoil Channel no longer exist.  Actually, there is only the SureFit CG Weights. Having this refined and changed, it helps the drag of the driver because the ARC in the 917 drivers would snag and get caught on the grass which would slow down your swing speed.  The weights are different for each driver. The TS2 has a flat weight that remains neutral but has a +6g, +4g, +2g, Standard, -2g, -4g weights. The TS3 has the adjustable SureFit CG in the same weights options as the TS2 weights. The difference of the TS3 weight is the SureFit CG allows for a draw, neutral and fade weighting in the driver club head.

This new shape of the drivers allowed Titleist to reconfigure the crown as well. The crown of the TS drivers is thinner which allows the weight to be positioned lower and deeper in the clubhead. The crown is an ultra-thin titanium crown. The new thinner crown connects with a thinner, faster face than before. The variable thickness of the face delivers a faster ball speed and increased forgiveness. Because of these two reconfigurations, there is up to 12% enhanced MOI (Moment of Inertia). Even though the TS drivers have taken on a whole new configuration, one thing they did keep the same is the size of the clubhead.  Like the 917, both TS2 and TS3 have the 460cc pear-shaped profile that provides confidence and stability that most desire.

The TS2 and TS3 have the SureFit Hosel as the drivers before it. The SureFit hosel allows for independent loft and lies adjustment with each club. It features a sleeve and a ring, each with four settings. The sleeve settings are numbered (1,2,3,4) and the ring settings are lettered (A, B, C, D). This makes the driver have 16 unique lofts and lie angle combinations! That’s pretty awesome if you ask me. The grid below helps you understand what each combination can do for the club and player.


For an example of how this grid works, the standard position for right-handers is A1. When you move up or down on the grid you are adjusting the trajectory. When you move left or right in the grid you are fine-tuning the direction. There is a separate grid that works for left-handers that can be found here.


We recently conducted a testing to compare the Titleist 917 D2 & D3 to the TS2 & TS3. One of our Certified Custom Fitters and I decided to do it ourselves. I have a slower club speed at 90 mph whereas our fitter is, on average, 111 mph. I compared the 917 D2 and TS2, while our fitter tested the 917 D3 and TS3. I used the Tensei AV series Blue 55g Stiff shaft with the standard lie and loft on each driver. In the D3 and TS3, a Hzrdus Smoke X-Stiff 60g shaft was used while the driver was on a standard lie and -.75 degrees loft.  Below are the results from each: 

917D2 & TS2

While testing these two drivers side by side, we noticed that the mishits weren’t as bad on the TS2 as the 917D2. The dispersion was a lot closer as well. The TS2 felt crisper and like I had more control over the driver. As you can tell in the charts the TS2, on average, carried about 11 yards farther and 23 yards total. I was very pleased with that. We were very impressed with the spin rates. The TS2 has a new thinner face that is helping with this. Also, the thinner face helped the ball speed. With the 917D2 the ball speed was 125.4, but with the TS2 it was a 134.4! The thinner face really works, it gave me both; a faster ball speed and more forgiveness. I was very pleased with the results from the TS2. Next, we compared the 917D3 and the TS3.

917D3 & TS3


We saw similar takeaways from the 917D3 and the TS3 that we did in the 917D2 and TS2. The TS3 consistently carried farther and had more ball speed. The spin rates were also lower. Our fitter really likes the TS3 and thought the club was a nice step up from the 917. The dispersion of the TS3 was more compact than the 917 as well. The TS3 consistently launched the ball higher than the 917. Also, he said he felt like he had more forgiveness and control over the TS3.

We thought that the TS drivers were awesome and we are excited for customers to try them. Customers can demo and pre-order at any location now! It’s your turn to experience the #TSProject!  

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